Office Furniture 辦公傢俬,

stained using non-environmentally safe products

Well organized office literature is also known to be a key to productivity. It is expected for every office to have a systematic placement of Magazine Racks & Literature Organizers. These solutions are not only space saving but also add to the aura of a well-organized office space.Since the substances used determine whether particular furnishings can be called Green, always look for furniture containing the highest percentage of recyclable, renewable or rapidly renewable materials. It is also important to consider the durability of the furniture. Avoid buying wood products whenever possible, since these may have been painted or stained using non-environmentally safe products. If your preference is to buy wood, research the forestry practices of the manufacturer and look for those that produce Green products or used recycled materials. Companies like Knoll are considered to be industry leaders in sustainable practices. They help to sort and sieve through the papers and others important documents with relative ease. Having a pre-arranged layout of documents by having organizers and racks on employees' desks can save a lot of time in unnecessary looking around and as such can add to the overall productivity.